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The League of DelphiBook 1

We meet our protagonist Zach working in a local coffee shop. He has just come back to town after a 10 year leave, forced on him by his mother; his father died when Zach was young and he spent most of his time at a boarding school in France. Zach’s mother visited very infrequently and those were often very unusual.

She was scared and paranoid and this influenced Zach. After his mother died and he graduated, he came back ‘home’, kept the pseudonym his mother gave him and set himself up with a job and an apartment. It didn’t take long before he started noticing weird things about the town. Often people didn’t react how one would expect. A local rising high school star died, from all appearances a suicide. But no one seemed to notice or care, or almost no one. Life went on as if it was someone from some other town far away. Not even the boys father showed remorse.

Ashley did notice. She was also very upset about everyone’s reaction and Zach noticed. They talked a little at the coffee shop and she told Zach some hard to believe stories, and if he had been anywhere else he might have dismissed them out of hand. The two become friends and start to investigate the strange occurrences.

The League of Delphi is the first book in a new Young Adult series by Chris Everheart. I have to say this is a good start! Zach is a young man trying to find out what happened when he was a child and to see if there was anything behind his mother’s paranoia. He’s observant but has a temper that can get in the way of his better judgement. It appears to be his one major flaw. He has a conspiracy to uncover and he plans to find his answers.

I really enjoyed this book and thought the story was very good. It had a good pace, didn’t get boring nor was it a non-stop adrenaline rush either. It was well written and the two main characters were well developed. Most of the rest of the cast, not so much, but then that is pretty common. I certainly recommend this to those who like a little conspiracy in their young adult lit.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

18213017The Delphi Deception, Book 2

The Delphi Deception literally starts about two hours after the end of The League of Delphi. Zach has escaped the hospital without being caught, after a failed attempt to free Ashley. His only saving grace is that those who really care about his identity are unaware of him yet.

Up to this point, Zach has been making quite a few rash and unwise decisions. It also appears he hasn’t learned his lesson yet. He decides to take a shortcut to his destination by crossing the university campus. The place where everyone who wants to find him is based. He also walks within sight of the library, scene of the break-in from the night before. He has a close call with a wondering guard which finally seems to wake him up to the danger he is in and makes him decide that he better start thinking before acting.

He goes to visit Larry one more time, who once again hints about his past that completely goes over Zach’s head. Larry does one very good thing for Zach–he uses a witch doctor remedy that helps speed the healing of Zach’s injured leg, allowing him to move around without drawing so much attention to himself.

Zach still has a few things in his apartment and makes one last trip to get supplies and his laptop. Unfortunately, he runs into Ashley’s sister, Katie, who wants what Zach has, answers. During negotiations even more trouble shows up. It forces Katie to accept an arrangement and gives Zach a little breathing room. Zach and Katie’s alliance is the primary story in this book. What are they willing to do for what they want? And when questions come up, are the answers worth it?

During the first couple chapters of this book I was ready to throw it across the room. Zach was doing one dumb thing after another with no end in site. He finally settled down and quit letting his desires rule his actions unchecked. At this point, I started to actually enjoy the book. Zach is a bright kid who doesn’t always stop and think before he acts, which tends to get him in trouble, and now there are people who want him dead. Not a good combination.

The Delphi Deception was actually a pretty good story and had several good surprises. I do plan to eventually read the third and final (?) book whenever it is published. There were a few aspects with book books that irked me but overall, The Delphi Deception was a decent read, well written and with a cool premise.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Caleb is a software engineer and amateur woodworker living in southern Minnesota. He has more hobbies than he has time or money for, and enjoys his quiet time reading.

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