Meg M., our resident TV show reviewer, is switching gears to discuss the new Law & Order: Los Angeles!

Written by Meg M.

Wednesday’s Law & Order: Los Angeles found Detective Winters and Jaruszalski investigating the hit and run of restaurant hostess Rebecca Townley.

When Rebecca is hit by a car and left for dead in the alley behind the restaurant where she works, Winters and Jaruszalski are left to put together the missing pieces, as the young hostess is in a coma. When the detectives discover that she was pregnant, and lost the baby as the result of the attack, they realize they’ve got a homicide on their hands.

When digging into her past, a doctor’s prescription leads them to the home of Adam and Carolyn Yarborough. After questioning the husband and wife, and getting a bogus story about Rebecca being their surrogate, the detectives find out that Adam supposedly had an affair with Rebecca, and made up the surrogate story to cover up his indiscretion.

Not buying it, the detectives pay Rebecca a visit when she wakes up. The young woman is devastated when the detectives unintentionally reveal that she has lost her child. In her grief, Rebecca screams that a married senator is the father of her baby, and that he is responsible for her son’s death.

After a paternity test, the senator is indeed proven to be the father of Rebecca’s child. Despite allegations that he is guilty of aiding in her attack, his wife, who has survived cancer, stands beside him. But soon a connection is found between the senator and Rebecca’s ex-husband, who was devastated when he discovered that Rebecca had an affair.

Though evidence links Rebecca’s ex to the crime, DDA Morales is not convinced that the senator was involved. Further investigation reveals that the senator had added Rebecca and the baby to his family trust, and Morales realizes that the senator’s wife must have found out about it. Sure enough, it is revealed the wife is suffering once again from cancer, only this time, it’s terminal. Upon discovering that her husband intended to begin a new life with Rebecca once she succumbed to cancer, his wife took it upon herself to hire Rebecca’s ex-husband to get rid of the other woman.

In the final moments of the episode, DDA Morales appears to struggle with the judge’s decision. Instead of allowing the senator’s wife to die in peace at home on probation, she sentences the jilted wife to serve her few remaining days in prison.

Much like the rest of the Law & Order franchise, this new show is proving to be equally suspenseful, made complete with complex storylines and characters with depth. I’m anxious to see how this show develops in the coming weeks.

Catch Law & Order: Los Angeles on NBC at 10 pm EST on Wednesdays, immediately after Law & Order: SVU.

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