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Written by Meg M.

Detectives Winters and Jaruzalski unknowingly stumble upon a twenty-year-old case in Wednesday’s episode of Law & Order: Los Angeles.

When a city worker is stabbed multiple times and left to die, the detectives discover a pattern that started twenty years ago, when a young woman was raped and stabbed in an alley. This led to the brutal murder of several other women, all of whom had ties to local prostitution and drug rings. Outraged that police failed to alert the public of these murders, the detectives are determined to solve the murders of their newest victim, as well as those who were killed in the past.

After gathering evidence, the police discover that the perpetrator’s DNA is not in their system. They do, however, find a blood relative of the killer, a young man named Brandon. After investigating Brandon’s family and failing to find any connection to the murders, the detectives are stunned to find out that Brandon is adopted, and that his birth mother was raped in the same area where the murders took place. After some more digging, they discover that Luis Cordero, who was the first witness they questioned, is the birth mother’s uncle.

The police are forbidden to use Brandon’s DNA in their case, so they must start their case from scratch. DA Dekker turns to Brandon’s birth mother, who survived her rape, to see if she knows something. The woman reluctantly admits that she knew that the man who raped her was her Uncle Luis, but because she was only 17 at the time, and he threatened her life, she was afraid to admit the truth.

The police arrest Luis for his niece’s rape, and this provides Dekker with the opportunity to now use Luis’ DNA to prove his guilt in the other cases. In an emotional courtroom scene, DA Dekker reveals the names of all of Luis’ victims, 11 in all, claiming that he will now give them their day in court. And while the verdict is not shown at the end of the episode, an earlier scene proves that Dekker will go after Luis full throttle, encouraging the jury to give the serial killer the death penalty as punishment for his heinous crimes.

With this episode, Law & Order: Los Angeles proves that it can continue to deliver interesting, complex storylines with plenty of emotional weight. In particular, Terrence Howard’s performance as DA Dekker in this week’s episode was especially moving, as he fought to give justice to victims of a vicious serial killer.

Catch Law & Order: Los Angeles on NBC at 10 pm EST on Wednesdays, immediately after Law & Order: SVU.

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