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Written by Meg M.

Wednesday night’s Law & Order: Los Angeles found Detectives Winters and Jaruszalski investigating the murder of young Freddy Ramirez, an oil rig worker whose body is found in the water after a drunken night with his co-workers. Before they know it, Valerie, the only woman working on the oil rig, becomes a prime suspect, as blood evidence is found, and it is discovered that her boyfriend helped her dispose of Freddy’s body.

Once in the courtroom, Valerie spins a tale of sexual harassment, claiming that she was the constant victim of her co-workers’ sexual jokes and pranks. And while DDA Dekker and Stanton strive to defend their deceased victim, Valerie claims that Freddy tried to rape her on the night that he died, which led her to kill him in self-defense. Another obstacle is Valerie’s defense attorney, a beautiful TV personality who has a history with Dekker. Suddenly Dekker finds that he needs a witness that can assert Freddy’s innocence. When Freddy’s mother refuses to speak to the prosecution, Dekker and Stanton turn to Freddy’s childhood friend, who is revealed to be the deceased’s girlfriend. The young woman reveals that Freddy was being harassed by Valerie, as she knew that he was in the country illegally.

Armed with this new information, DDA Dekker grills Valerie on the stand, reading text messages demanding favors of Freddy to the stunned courtroom. In a final move, Dekker shows a nude photo that Valerie sent to Freddy the day that he died. Dekker claims that because she felt vulnerable in a world of men, she found the one person more vulnerable than herself, and exploited him. When Freddy would not respond to her advances, and threatened to report her to their workplace, she killed him to keep him quiet. As Valerie screams, “You don’t know what it’s like,” her confession is given, the defense is beaten, and DDA Dekker and Stanton have defended their victim as promised.

But as in most Law & Order cases, the conclusion is never simple. While it is justified that Valerie is found guilty for her crime, we can’t help but feel that the woman is also a victim, driven to murder by her desire to have power in a workplace where she is otherwise overlooked and humiliated. If this is the kind of complexity that we can come to expect from the storylines of Law & Order: Los Angeles, you can bet I’ll be tuning in every week!

Catch Law & Order: Los Angeles on NBC at 10 pm EST on Wednesdays, immediately after Law & Order: SVU.

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