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Written by Meg M.

This week’s Law and Order: Los Angeles found inspiration from the real-life Tucson, Arizona shooting when a schizophrenic Larry Shephard opens fire, killing State Senator Celeste Kelman and six other innocent people.

Detectives Morales and Jaruszalski discover that Larry Shephard, who was living under another name, believes that his daughter Ariel is missing. Seeking help from the senator, Larry was enraged when she did not help him, and murdered her. Through investigation, however, the detectives discover a more disturbing truth: Larry Shephard does not have a daughter. So who is the girl pictured on the flyer he carries with him?

And while the defense, and even DDA Rubirosa, is convinced that Shephard committed the crime due to insanity, DDA Dekker is not convinced. He and Rubirosa discover that Shephard actually got his girlfriend pregnant in college. But when he had his first psychotic break, the girlfriend terminated the pregnancy, infuriating an already volatile Shephard. When she gives the two attorneys threatening letters that he sent to her while he was in prison, the two believe they may have enough to convince a jury that his attack on the seven innocent victims may have been premeditated. In the end, Shephard agrees to serve a life sentence, after he is forced to hear the manner in which all of the innocent victims died.

Meanwhile, Detective Jaruszalski continued to pursue Cesar Vargas, who killed his partner, Detective Winters. This leads him to an informant in Mexico, a woman dating Vargas. But when Jaruszalski heads back to L.A., he is not alone. Two of Vargas’ men follow him, attempting to kidnap him, but the detective is able to subdue them. Horrified when he realizes that one of the men was carrying Detective Winters’ address, he is forced to reveal his trip to Morales, and the two warn Winters’ family to get out of town until the dust has settled.

Will Jaruszalski continue on his search to bring Vargas down? Or will it cost him his life?

Tune in to Law & Order: Los Angeles on Monday nights at 10 pm on NBC. It was announced this weekend that the series has been cancelled and will not return for a second season, but episodes will air until the end of June.

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