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Written by Meg M.

When a young college student is raped and murdered, DDA Dekker finds that he may be prosecuting the wrong person.

When Beth Garrett is found strangled in a park, detectives Jaruszalski and Morales find themselves in the middle of a strange, erotic case. The police immediately suspect Jesse Beckman, a student who often appeared in places that Beth frequented. And when witnesses put Jesse with another male student, Roger Darden, the detectives fear that both men may have played a part in her death.

The case becomes even stranger when it is revealed that a fourth individual was involved, a pre-med student named Sylvie Lester. Sylvie reveals that she, Beth, Roger and Jesse went to an abandoned house to do drugs and have sex. She showed Jesse and Roger how to use erotic asphyxiation on Beth, but Beth freaked out, running out of the house, but not before cutting her foot on glass.

While Sylvie, Roger and Jesse insist that this was the last time they saw Beth, DDA Dekker is persistent.

Noting how emotionless Sylvie seems about the incident, he is convinced that she ran after Beth and killed her to protect her secret lifestyle and her future medical career.

But the police, and DDA Rubirosa, are not convinced. Evidence reveals that the last thing Beth breathed into her lungs was black and white dog hair. Considering that she was found in a park, the police come to believe that someone else may have picked Beth up after she left the house. A witness steps forward and reveals that there is a man who comes to the park who has white and black terriers.

When called in for questioning, it is discovered that this man has a history of assault. When Jaruszalski and Morales convince him that they will find evidence in his car, he admits that he picked her up after she left the house. When he tried to comfort her and she rejected him, he attacked her, killed her, and dumped her in the park.

After this confession, Dekker is forced to drop the charges against Sylvie. And while the young woman is free to go, the damage has already been done, her personal life on display for all to see. As the courtroom clears, only Dekker is left in the room. It seems that he realizes that his desire for justice mirrors that of Hardin’s in last week’s episode, so much so that he was blind to the truth. And as the episode ends, his face is filled with regret.

Also in this episode, we see a glimpse of Jaruszalski’s computer, where an email keeps him up-to-date on Vargas sightings. Will Jaruszalski finally get the chance to avenge Detective Winters’ death?

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