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Written by Meg M.

In this week’s episode of Law & Order: Los Angeles, a young woman is gunned down in her vehicle by a man on a bike.

The victim is discovered to be a woman named Lily, a successful stylist to the stars. Detectives Morales and Jaruszalski immediately suspect her husband, who is believed to have had an affair. But the detectives soon discover that Lily’s former friend, a designer named Jill Jennings, may have had something against Lily. Jill had an affair with Lily’s husband, and though Lily ended up forgiving and going back to her husband, she “blackballed” Jill around town, urging stars not to work with her.

Fingerprints on the victim’s car lead the detectives to one man, but upon searching his home, they realize that someone was recently dusting for fingerprints. This can only mean one thing; someone is setting this man up for murder. More evidence leads them to a former police officer, who happens to know Morales. Morales is shocked to discover that his friend was involved with Jill Jennings, and that she asked him to kill Lily.

Jill denies any involvement, and DA Dekker realizes that he doesn’t have much of a case. But Rubirosa finds a connection between the two women that explains Jill’s behavior. In a stunning scene where Jill is offered a plea bargain, Rubirosa brings in Lily’s mother, and reveals her to be Jill’s mother as well. When their mother was young, she suffered from a drug problem, and her girls were removed from her home. When she finally became sober, she was only able to take one of the girls, as she was a single mother. The girl she chose was Lily, while 8-year-old Jill remained in foster care. Jill breaks down and reveals that she suffered for years, and when she left the foster care system, and that she couldn’t stand the fact that Lily had a perfect life while her own was in shambles.

This week’s episode featured an element of surprise that I certainly wasn’t expecting. The big reveal in that room was phenomenal, and it showcased Rubirosa’s skills and determination to find justice in the case. And while Jill’s behavior is despicable, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for her as she expressed her anguish after being left in foster care while her sister was taken home to be with their mother. Khloe Kardashian also had a brief cameo in this episode as one of Jill’s clients, though I wasn’t very impressed by her performance.

What did you think of this week’s episode?

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