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Written by Meg M.

Tiger Woods’ sex scandal surely provided inspiration for Law & Order: Los Angeles’ writers when they penned Wednesday night’s episode, “Playa Vista,” in which pro golfer Chip Jarrow is revealed to be cheating on his wife with numerous women.

The story begins when a female golfer Kristin Halstead is found dead, and LA’s finest detectives must put together the pieces that led to her demise.

Cell phone records lead the detectives to a young woman who claims to have been involved romantically with Kristin. But when the detectives learn that this mysterious young woman moonlights as a would-be call girl, they also learn that she has links to, you guessed it, Chip Jarrow.

Investigating text messages between Kristin and Chip, they discover that she threatened to reveal Chip’s relationship with the woman with whom she also had a relationship. In retaliation, Chip threatened to reveal that Kristin was a lesbian, thus threatening her entire career and any chances of endorsements she may have had.

Chip’s family becomes involved when the murder weapon is discovered in his home. Unbeknownst to Chip, his son was aware of his philandering ways. And in a rage, the young man killed Kristin, thinking that she was just another woman his father was sleeping with.

But the story doesn’t end there. Convinced that Chip’s wife isn’t as innocent as she seems, DA Dekker threatens the maximum sentence for their son, the wife admits to coercing him to kill Kristen, as the golfer’s threats to expose Chip could have ruined the lifestyle to which she had become accustomed as the wife of a pro sports star. In exchange for her son being charged as a juvenile, the wife pleads guilty.

In the very end of the episode, Chip Jarrow is seen golfing on tour, as if nothing happened. Looks like justice might not have been completely served in this week’s episode.

Catch Law & Order: Los Angeles on NBC at 10 pm EST on Wednesdays, immediately after Law & Order: SVU.

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