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Reviewed by Melanie Kline

Late Lights is a very moving and sad book about the cards life deals us and the hardships that we encounter along the way. It is one story that is divided up into sections about each character and what they are going through.

The story covers everything from fighting, love, imprisonment, and an affair with a married man, to an ensuing pregnancy, a motherless boy whose father doesn’t want him, and other hardships. The way the characters deal with these troubles is both understandable and shocking. It makes you want to reach out and help both the young and the adults.

Somewhere, sometime we have or will encounter these people and Late Lights will make you think about how you have treated or will react to the situation.

Kara Weiss did an amazing job of telling these stories with both compassion and a dose of reality and will change the way people feel when faced with the same dilemmas. The fact that the book was short kept the story line on track, yet left me wanting to know more about each and every person in the story. Did they make it? How did they handle it? Where are they now? Did they finally get a break?

I would highly recommend this book to each and every person that can get their hands on it. Not only was it heartbreaking but it was also intriguing, distressing and made me feel quite hopeful. I would love to see this book added to schools’ required reading lists in hopes that it would assist our youth in considering the things that could happen in life and to help others express the things that may actually be going on. I feel that a book like this one could be a very valuable learning tool for the young and old alike and feel honored to have been able to read it.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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