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Reviewed by Claudia Robinson

“The late morning hour was quiet. The presence of memories rested softly about me as the lone tear dropped into the stream. Gil gathered me close, and I sighed with a deep sense of loss. His voice hovered over me. “Dina, I’m here for you.” – Gil

Dina has cancer. Time isn’t on her side, and while Rachel, her sister, has made every concession, filled every need, indulged (almost) all of Dina’s wishes for her final days on earth, Dina has yet to find acceptance and peace in the inevitable ending of her life. On a rare walk, Dina encounters a handsome cowboy, who possesses a calm and understanding, and an energy about him, that encourages Dina to explore the confines of both her state of mind and life, as well as the future, in a way she never thought she would, or could. In Gil’s company, Dina feels beautiful again, despite the thinning hair, compliments of chemo, and the air seems purer, her pain less, and her courage wider. With Gil, Dina finds love once again, despite the unhappy ending she’s sure the relationship is going to have, and in Gil’s hands, Dina is able to learn about her own strengths, and that of those in her life, as well. In death, life will go on, Gil has taught Dina, this, if nothing else.

As the cancer progresses, so too does their relationship, and Dina finds herself realizing that Gil is more than just a cowboy with a pretty face and kind words. When she finds out that Gil is an angel, HER angel, experiencing human love for the first time, Dina realizes she has some instructing of her own to do. Together, Gil and Dina forge a bond that belongs only to them, and as Gil readies Dina for her final journey, Dina helps Gil learn to love beyond the halos of stars and heaven.

Sweet, tender, sad and honest, Lasso the Stars gives readers a glimpse into an alternate ending romance. It’s raw and scary on one hand, dealing descriptively with Dina’s pain, physical and mental, and the shifting of relationships between herself and her sisters, who are now her caretakers. It explores the family dynamics that become muddled and confusing with terminal illness leaning heavily upon them. Tears, laughter, memories and dreams are sewn together in to a dreamy tale of life, death, love and loss, creating a ‘what if’ scenario that gives readers hope and faith that maybe the end of life may not be as scary or horrible as we fear it to be.

Lasso the Stars is a quick, easy, delicate, simple read; it is a beautiful gift for those who have lost, may lose, or know someone losing a loved one. It’s peace offering, a meditation, and a blanket of comfort and warmth for a cold winter day. I can see this book being popular in Hospices, or therapy rooms. It’s something to hold on to, when we desperately need it the most.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Claudia lives on beautiful Cape Cod with her husband and two children.

Review copy was provided free of any obligation by Tate Publishing. No monetary or any other form of compensation was received.