18619311Reviewed by Amanda Farmer

My Lady of the Bog was the first book I have read by Peter Hayes. After reading it, I have mixed feelings. The story opens to Xander Donne, an American anthropologist finding a mysterious lady buried in an English bog with her body staked, treasures buried with her, and a book that he is unable to translate without help. He becomes obsessed with finding out her identity and why she was buried in the bog seven hundred years ago. What he doesn’t realize is that his Lady of the Bog is not just any ordinary sacrifice. She may well have been a witch or something greater, possibly a Deshi princess–no one really knows. He is determined to uncover her identity at all costs.

As Xander strives to uncover his Lady, he soon finds himself transported to medieval India, with his complicated love, Vidya. Vidya has her own complicated past and quite a lot of baggage. Xander believes that no matter what, the two of them will find out his Lady’s identity and have a life together. The book he found with his Lady seems to be enchanted and has the ability to really pull the reader into its pages, literally. As he deciphers the book, he realizes there is more at stake than just his need to find out who his Lady is–his life and career are at stake.

I found the book’s summary to be interesting in that it had mystery, love, sacrifice, intrigue and history all in one. Unfortunately I found the book itself to be too long winded and confusing at times. I felt like there were too many plot holes to the story and that everyone just took whatever they saw as fact without questioning anything. All the pieces seemed to fall too neatly into place as the story progressed and became to unbelievable for me. I didn’t feel a connection to any of the characters and I wanted to. I wanted to like this story but had a hard time finishing it because of the inconsistencies. Towards the end, I found myself losing interest in who the Lady of the Bog was and why she was buried in the English bog all those years ago.

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

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