Reviewed by Meg Massey

Susanna Horenbout is the royally commissioned artist to King Henry VIII. On what seems like an ordinary day, Susanna encounters a jeweler she’s known since childhood, and is stunned when he tries to kill her. This moment sets off a chain of events that pulls her and her betrothed, courtier John Parker, into a dangerous plot against the king.

The two soon discover that the French are planning to get back the Mirror of Naples, a portion of the French crown jewels given to King Henry by his sister. As John and Susanna attempt to pin down those responsible, they are tracked by a ruthless assassin, and matters are further complicated by tensions at court.

Fans of author Michelle Diener will recognize the names of beloved characters, Susanna and John, from her debut novel, In a Treacherous Court. Keeper of the King’s Secrets is the second in a series, and like the first novel, is based on the life of Susanna Horenbout, who was recognized as an exceptional artist during King Henry VIII’s era.

Action-packed from the very first page, this period drama provides an intriguing glimpse into the court of Henry VIII, and the ongoing tensions between England and France. This book has a little bit of something for everyone: plenty of romance for those seeking a love story, and twists and turns to intrigue a reader who loves a good thriller.

I would caution you that this novel should be read after In a Treacherous Court, so as to have a proper grasp on the back stories of these characters. I had not read the first novel before beginning this one, so it took a bit of re-reading for me to understand who was who and really sink into the story.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

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