house-kingsley-merrick-deborah-hill-paperback-cover-artReviewed by Amanda Farmer

The House of Kingsley Merrick is volume two in Deborah Hill’s Kingsland Series. The House of Kingsley Merrick opens up a few years past This is the House. Kingsley is a young man that the family doesn’t like and finds himself at odds with them quite often because of his mother and father. His grandfather was Elijah Merrick, married to Molly, from the first volume. Kingsley goes to Australia to earn his fortune and returns a different man, a richer man. Upon his return he sets his eyes upon Julia, his cousin, the only person to ever show him kindness so therefore he wants to marry her. Julia doesn’t want to be married but marries Kingsley and gives him two children, Caroline and Augusta. Julia agrees to marry him only to save her family’s name and hides it from Kingsley. Unfortunately Julia is similar to the Merricks of past, in that she lets society control what appearances are deemed necessary and over indulges their means. She lies to Kingsley and he turns to Angelina for comfort. The people of Cape Cod are not above murder and conspiracy to get the job done and keep up the appearance of being proper.

I found this story to be very similar to the first one and did not really connect with any of the characters in it. The only one that redeemed herself was Augusta and that was when she got back at Julia, which I thought was a good touch. It showed that Julia didn’t control her as much as she thought she did. The characters really had no depth to them and it was all about the money and appearances. This volume did have more history in it, with mentions of the Civil War, although there weren’t too many details, just some snippets here and there thrown in. The reader will also read about Boston’s society in this volume as well as read more about Australia’s history from Kingsley’s business over there. I am not a fan of this series so far, I do not care for all of the conniving, lying, cheating, etc in order to gain appearance and power in society. I will likely read the third and see where it goes…

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

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