Reviewed by Amanda Farmer

If you are familiar with the TV show Dexter, then you will know what to expect when reading the book, Killer Instinct. S. E. Green’s debut novel is about Lane, a female version of Dexter who struggles with the social awkwardness of high school and her dark urges to eradicate serial killers. Dexter was able to pull off his dark behavior, and the show was a success; however, I felt the novel fell flat and that Killer Instinct was unable to pull off the melodrama.

Throughout the book, we are given a look into Lane’s fascination with killers and her desire to become one. She wants to stop the urge inside of her that is calling her, so she decides to find people to “hunt” and kill. This is her story of discovering what works and what doesn’t. As she discovers what works for her, she is also chauffeurs her siblings around, works at a local animal shelter on the weekends, discovers the truth about her biological father and the lies that were told to her about him, and semi-dates a new guy at school. Along the way she gains the attention of a real serial killer that has come back to town and is leaving the victim’s body parts around town. What she does next will determine her fate and all those she loves before they become victims themselves. When she discovers who the real serial killer is, it will throw her and the reader for a loop and she will have her first taste at actually killing someone. How will it change her?

As I read this book, I felt the circumstances surrounding Lane’s story were implausible and unrealistic. Lane was able to get away with a lot, especially considering her parents are FBI agents, and the story just fell into place a little too neatly towards the end. The writing was good and kept the reader’s attention, but I just didn’t feel a connection to any of the characters in the book. I felt Lane was using her parents and was very selfish when it came to her siblings and few friends. I do not recommend this book; if you like the show Dexter you will be disappointed. I loved the show but not this book.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

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