Reviewed by Denise G.

The short novel Kill Dress by John Young is his first, and is about a dress that has mystical powers over men. The story opens by introducing us to five young women who work, rest, and play together in New York City. One of them has recently had her heart broken, precipitating a trip to Louisiana for some relaxation. While there, Kim (the wronged girl) meets an elderly lady who makes her the perfect dress to attract men with. The only problem is that the dress seems to stir some dark emotions in people.

Whenever I read someone’s first published book, I want really badly to like it. This book had a good plot, though it could have been more fully developed and expanded upon. I’m not sure why he decided to put so many characters (roommates) in the story, when fewer would have sufficed. The characters were not developed enough so that I felt any relationship or empathy for them, and they quite easily could have been. Also, there a couple of distracting things about the author’s writing style: the same things kept repeating (as in, they got up and went to work, etc…) and everybody called everybody else “girl”all the time! People just don’t talk that way in real life. A good editor could have (should have?) whipped this book into what it was meant to be.

Overall, even with the minuses mentioned above, Kill Dress is still a suspenseful story that is worth a quick read. Pack it in your beach tote during the few remaining summer days and you can read it in the sun in just a few hours. Hopefully, John Young’s next book will be a little longer, a little better developed and edited soundly.

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