kidskitchen2Reviewed by Christen Krumm

One of my goals this summer is to get my three year old daughter in the kitchen more helping me with meals. She is a big helper and loves anything in the kitchen, so Kids in the Kitchen Cookbook is the perfect addition to our cookbook library. As soon as I opened the envelope with Kids in the Kitchen Cookbook, she stole it, hid, and looked at it for at least an hour picking and choosing which recipes we were going to make first. While she is still a little too young for me to hand over the cookbook (and kitchen) to her, the recipes in this book are still fun for us to prepare together—and soon she will be able to handle cooking meals on her own (and believe me, she cannot wait)!

This book is perfect for a 8-12 year old who is ready for solo cooking (or in my case, for a younger cook with mom’s help). Every recipe is color coated—for breakfast, lunch, sides and snacks, dinner, and dessert and has a difficulty marker letting the cook know how easy or hard it is to prepare (although each recipe should be fairly doable even for a younger independent cook). In the sidebars of each recipe, there are fascinating food facts, cooking trivia, tips for healthier eating and essential first-timer cooking terms. And the pictures! Oh the pictures will have you running for the kitchen in a second!

One of my favorite things about Kids in the Kitchen Cookbook is each recipe has all the nutritional facts listed helping kids be a little more conscience about what is going in their bodies. Another nice thing is that all the ingredients for the recipes are simple—no having to order snails from Europe or other odd food/places—which is super nice when you come from a smallish town and are limited to what the local Wal-Mart has in stock. There are so many recipes my daughter and I want to try this summer from this book—such as the Frushi (coconut + fruit + sushi rice), Summertime Broccoli Slaw Salad, Chips and Fish . . . honestly there is not a recipe in this cookbook that we do not want to try! They all look so delish!

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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