I am always a little surprised by the keywords people use when they find Luxury Reading and the reviews that are searched for again and again!

Here is a list of top 20 most searched keywords for 2010:

1. luxury reading

2. luxury reading blog

3. after by amy efaw

4. double trouble luxury reading

5. my sister’s keeper book vs movie

6. amigoland summary

7. my sister’s keeper book ending vs movie ending

8. my sister’s keeper difference between book and movie

9. win a kindle

10. anastasia hobbet

11. difference between my sister’s keeper book and movie

12. luxuryreading.com

13. the hidden man

14. differences between my sister’s keeper book and movie

15. snubbr giveaway

16. luxuryreading.com/

17. dcmetroreader

18. clean diet recipes

19. beauty giveaway

20. giveaway

I’m curious to see how many more variations of “my sister’s keeper book vs movie” people will come up with!