Reviewed by Claudia Robinson

10-year-old Keeper has had a very, very bad day. If only the stupid crabs had not chosen her to be their rescuer, this entire day, very BAD day, would never have happened, and everyone on Oyster Ridge Road would not be mad at her anymore.

Based on a tiny, seashell strewn inlet in the middle of a park on the Texas Gulf Coast, Keeper embroils its readers in a tale of love, loss, magic and mayhem. Keeper lives with the beautiful, white haired Signe and BD (short for Best Dog) in a haint blue cottage. The other inhabitants of Oyster Ridge are Dogie, the dread-headed surfer, madly in love with Signe, Too, the OTHER best dog, the ancient Mr. Beauchamp and his one eyed cat Sinbad, and Captain, the watermelon loving seagull.

When a daring crab rescue attempt goes horribly awry, ruining night blooming orchids, Blue Moon gumbo and a secret wedding proposition, Keeper does the only thing she is sure will fix everything. She goes in pursuit of her beautiful mermaid mother, Meggie Marie. Counting on the Blue Moon and its power over the ocean, Keeper embarks on a dangerous journey in an attempt to rectify all her wrongdoings. The journey she undertakes at sea and the unfolding drama on land because of it, expose an achingly romantic drama and the power of wishes and full moons.

Reality and magic blur beautifully in this sweet, funny, tenderly woven tale of lost souls, second chances, forbidden love and growing up. Between the lines of this Youth oriented story are older, more ancient tidbits of wisdom, making this a story for all ages.

I thoroughly enjoyed Keeper and the magic between its pages lasted long after I finished it; sure to be a hit among young and old alike. Keeper is proof that dreams DO come true, you just have to want them bad enough.

Rating: 4.5/5

Claudia lives on beautiful Cape Cod with her husband and two children.

Review copy was provided free of any obligation by Atheneum Books for Young Readers. No monetary or any other form of compensation was received.