Reviewed by Poppy J.

Katy is a writer and a teacher who is engaged to be married to her childhood sweetheart James. She had a turbulent childhood, and grew up with her Aunt Jewell (since her parents travelled the world). Her issues stem from having to manage relationships with her mother-in-law Cornelia, her soon to be husband, and her coworker Ollie, who is always there to hold her up in tough times.

Katy loses her poise at an important dinner party, which precipitates the breakup with her fiancée. She ends up at Ollie’s place, then visits her pal Maddy’s to clear her head.

Without offering the spoilers to the tale, Katy Carter Wants a Hero does not get anymore in depth than this review. Unfortunately, Katy’s disasters are all skimming the surface and they lack any great thought. They are improbable giggles which begin to appear as silly early in the story. Katy has a one-liner answer to many of life’s events gone wrong, but I wish she hadn’t. If the author delved deeper into Katy’s emotions and relayed what she learned from her experiences, Katy Carter Wants a Hero would have been a much more interesting read.

As the book stands, it is a bit slow and obvious, more like a story better suited for the under 16 set.

Rating: 2/5

After a decade of working in several NYC law departments and teaching, Poppy decided she enjoyed writing full-time. She currently works as a freelance writing consultant, and lives with her husband and sons on the East Coast.

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