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by Kat Lieu

Thank you very much, Vera, for providing me with an opportunity to guest blog.

Back in 2009 when I had a break in between two jobs, I wrote my Amazon Kindle bestseller, Maid for Me, in two weeks. I wrote everyday from morning to night and took breaks only to eat and perform other necessary humanly functions. Inspiration had struck me and words just flowed from my brain to my typing fingertips. I didn’t think, plot, or plan. I just wrote.

I find that when I don’t spend too much time over-thinking about a writing project, I tend to reach my goals and self-set deadlines. I remember how I had sat down one night in 2006 to write a short story to enter into the Annual Seventeen Magazine Fiction Contest. I just thought about how I wanted to spend my summer vacation as a high school student and quickly penned “The Bike Ride” in less than two hours. I printed the ten pages I had just written and faxed them over to Seventeen Magazine. Months later, I had already forgotten about writing the short story when Whitney Joiner, a Senior Associate Editor of Seventeen Magazine at that time, called me to congratulate me on winning Third Place in the Fiction Contest.

Surprise hit me like a Mack truck. I cried tears of joy and screamed thank you’s happily into Whitney’s ear over the phone. I have to say, that moment was one of the happiest moments I had during my young life.

Nowadays, I believe I draw inspiration from everywhere. My evil characters are representations of my brilliant poodle, Musd. My chubby and plain-looking characters are representations of the high-school version of me. Sad events in my stories are often inspired by real life happenings. Lucky for us authors, inspiration is everywhere and free, especially in an amazing city such as New York.

To the aspiring writers out there, I wish you the best of luck. When you’re stuck or need some inspiration, just look around you. Use yourself as an inspiration. Happy writing and reading, everyone!

About Kat Lieu

Kat Lieu was born in Montreal, Canada many moons ago. At present, she is a busy New Yorker with a passion for writing young adult romantic comedies. Since 2009, her novella, Maid for Me, has been an Amazon Kindle category bestseller. Winning Third Place in Seventeen Magazine’s Annual Fiction contest in 2006 sparked her love for writing.

Kat received her doctorate in physical therapy in 2008 from SUNY Downstate. Currently, she educates physical therapy students across multiple New York universities and is also a national lecturer on the topic of lymphedema. During the daytime, she works as a healthcare recruiter. By night, she runs her popular teen/tween online empire, Nummyz Productions.

Kat is a triple-threat in the publishing world (she writes, self-publishes, self-markets), and a rising star. Stay tune for her upcoming publications, MAID FOR ME, TOO and a paranormal YA novella.
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