Please welcome Karin Slaughter, author of the new novel, Fallen!

About my writing process, by Karin Slaughter

My writing process is crazy. I’m just going to be really up front about that. I have such admiration for authors like Michael Connelly and Laura Lippman, who came from a newspaper background and are used to having a daily deadline. My deadline is December, so you can imagine how busy my fall is while I’m working on a book.

Instead of writing every day, I block out two or three weeks at a time and go up to my cabin in the North Georgia mountains. Once I’m there, I work on average ten to twelve hours a day, which is absolutely grueling and exciting at the same time. Grueling for obvious reasons—sitting for that long is probably cutting my life expectancy by several years. Exciting because I get that same heart-pounding ride as my readers because I’m writing in bursts. Now, this isn’t to say that I just sit down and magic happens. I tour a lot during the year, and spend a lot of time in airports, on trains and in cars with nothing to do but think. I actually love this down time.

It’s awful when I’m at home because I can always think of a million things to do other than think about plot and character. So, having this time away when I don’t have anything to do but think between stops is a wonderful treat. It’s really become part of my creative process, and I guess after eleven years of doing this I should stop saying it’s a crappy way to write because, obviously, it’s how my brain needs to do it.

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