Please welcome Karen Wasylowski, author of the new novel, Darcy and Fitzwilliam!

by Karen Wasylowski

In the vast history of literature there have been many majestic adventure tales, countless grand sweeping epics, tales of warriors, ruthless enemies, rakes and renegades – men who laughed at danger, sneered at respectability, took women and used them, leaving whimpering, loved starved females in their wake.

My new book, Darcy and Fitzwilliam: A Tale of a Gentleman and an Officer, is not one of them. It is a comedy, it is boisterous, it is a bit bawdy and it is great fun. This is a book about the craziness of families – those people in your life you may not like but do sincerely love – and specifically about two argumentative cousins: Fitzwilliam Darcy and Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam. They are complete opposites in looks and personality but they are closer than brothers. They are best friends.

I cannot remember any longer just what inspired me for this tale. In the beginning I thought I would write a very dramatic book, incorporate a kidnapping, a spooky relative and a secret room but somehow it soon evolved into the comic. I wanted realism and to show how people truly react to life, to day to day obstacles both genuine and imaginary. Real life is so much more bizarre than fiction.

[amazonify]1402245947[/amazonify]In fact, there are several scenes in the book that reflect my life at the moment I wrote them. The penchant for Fitzwilliam to add or subtract an hour from the appointment times he is given is completely my husband. It aggravates me to death. Then there was the meeting at the tavern when Darcy hears something he thought he never would. He ponders if he has put off his medical appointment too long and if his hearing is going – when I wrote that I remembered we had not had our check ups in over a year and a half so I made the appointment to see our doctors. It may have saved my husband’s life – they found out a serious problem and he was treated.

There was Fitzwilliam’s telling Darcy that in his first weeks of marriage he had not argued so much even during the entire Peninsular War. That quote about arguing was directly from a nephew of ours after his marriage. The list is endless.

So much of your life creeps into a book as you write that it becomes a part of your personality, a section of your life that is presented to the public for their approval or dismissal. Writing Darcy and Fitzwilliam was truly a work of love, as well as blood sweat and tears. I truly hope you enjoy the ride.

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