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Reviewed by Bethany Kelly

There are books that you are so into that you read them as quickly as possible to find out what happens in the end. There are books that are so boring that you can’t even finish them. And then there are books that are so interesting and relatable, that you only read them when you know you won’t have any interruptions, so you can truly savor each word. That was what June by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore was to me. I wanted to read this book when I didn’t have children running around me and asking me to do things. I wanted to read it when all I had to concentrate on was enjoying the book in front of me.

Cassandra “Cassie” Danvers is in her mid-twenties and living in her family’s home. She is mourning the death of her grandmother, the woman who raised her after her parents died in a tragic car accident. However, when a man shows up on her doorstep to inform her that she has been named the heir of a huge fortune left to her by celebrity Jack Montgomery, she is forced to climb out of the black hole of depression that she is in, and figure out what exactly is going on.

A few days after Cassie refuses to give her DNA to determine if she is Jack’s granddaughter (as he listed in his will), Jack’s famous daughters show up. Together, they must figure out how exactly Jack, an aging celebrity, knew Cassie, and if her grandmother, June, may have been involved with him as a teenager. As Jack and June’s story comes to light, everyone involved finds out information about their loved ones that they would’ve never known if it weren’t for Jack’s passing. Information that will change their lives forever.

I enjoyed this book from the very first page. Told in two time periods and multiple perspectives, June is not only the tale of what happened with Jack and June, but also of how Cassie works through her grief and makes it out on the other side in one piece. It also highlights how friendships, and families, can be made from the most unlikely of people.

All of the main characters are very strong and well-rounded. My favorites were Lindie and Cassie. Both of them are admirable women who don’t care what the world thinks of them. I did like June, but the book was less about her and more about how her presence affected the people in her life. With the recent passing of my grandfather, I loved how this book highlighted the fact that there is no time limit on the grieving process. I also loved how it showed that there is no right—or wrong—way to grieve.

This novel was interesting and engaging, and one that I will most likely read again. There is nothing about it that I didn’t like. In all honesty, I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. The author’s writing style is very precise and succinct, and I never felt like she was too descriptive or wrote anything that wasn’t vital to the overall story line. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone and everyone.

Bethany Kelly is currently getting her MFA at Goddard College and has a BA in English. She is a writer, editor, and stay-at-home mother and wife who spends her spare time (when she has some) reading and cooking. Check out her website at www.bckwritingcorner.com.

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