Please join Joanne DeMaio who is touring the blogosphere with her debut novel, Whole Latte Life!

Caffeinate Your Life

by Joanne DeMaio

Coffee … the aroma, the flavor, the comfort. It’s a small luxury in our busy days, isn’t it? We stop and sip a fresh cup, or chat over a steaming mug with a friend, or stop on our travels to relish a cozy coffee shop. What I also love about coffee is the way it weaves itself into our lives in various ways. For instance, as much as there are innumerable coffee blends, don’t we also enjoy varied blends of living, each one unique to us? If I were to define my perfect blend of living, writing would be the culmination of my own House Blend of family and music and gardening and, well, coffee. Writing pours into a prominent part of my day, flavoring all I do.

The beauty of this is that we all have our own house blend, flavoring our days with choices and decisions and hopes and dreams. My novel Whole Latte Life explores this very thought. The main character, Sara Beth, tries to redefine her self by brewing a new blend of choices in order to live the life she loves.

Aren’t we all individual blends, trying to do just that? We’re photographers and gardeners and readers and cooks and painters and teachers and knitters and so much more. And we can draw on the luxury of coffee to help define who we are as we work toward our dreams each day.

Because first, we have to know ourselves in order to know how to achieve our hopes. And there’s no time like the present to begin, so let’s go!

In this big old coffee cup of life, what blend are you? Pick one below, or make up your own blend. Let’s get this steaming mug brewing …

  • Breakfast Blend – Full of energy, robust, a morning person
  • House Blend – Keep a comfortable and welcoming home
  • Organic Fair Trade – Eco-friendly, you love to garden
  • Café Blend – Easygoing, laid-back
  • Caramel – Sweet, the girl next door
  • French Roast – Unabashedly romantic
  • Continental Blend – Love to travel
  • Mountain Blend – Outdoorsy type
  • Gourmet Blend – Love to cook
  • Master Blend – Always in charge, the boss
  • Dinner Blend – Night Owl

A coffee toast to all, for living the lives you love …


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