Reviewed by Jodi Horsley

If you are starting up a business and want a book that will walk you through every step in the process, – from the vision to the board of directors – then Grow the Entrepreneurial Dream by Jim Houtz is definitely one you most read.

Grow the Entrepreneurial Dream is broken down in to three sections – Foundation, Growth Strategies and Looking Ahead. Foundation covers the area of vision. Growth Strategies includes market evaluation, growth management, growth marketing and operational excellence. Looking Ahead covers the areas of going public or staying private and why businesses fail. The book also includes an entire chapter on integrity, both personal and professional.  Houtz also discusses the importance of ongoing employee training, and developing not only loyal customers but a continuous growth of loyal customers. Throughout the book he stresses the right ways to do things, and backs up his advice with solid reasoning.

Houtz is a very successful entrepreneur who writes from experience. He started a business with $1500 and 10 shares of IBM stock. Years later he sold the company for a whopping $270 million. This book is a great tool not only for those who have a vision and don’t really know what step to take next, but also for those who are already have a successful business. Grow the Entrepreneurial Dream could give insight on how to continue on a successful growth path or how to get out of a stagnant one.

Grow the Entrepreneurial Dream is genuinely a great book for those who are looking to build a successful large business. If you are a person who is more in the business of an MLM or Network Marketing, then this book would probably not be of benefit to you.

Rating: 5/5

Jodi lives in the western suburbs of Illinois with her husband, her elementary school daughter, and preschool boy/girl twins. She is an avid reader and loves losing herself in a good book. She has a Master’s in Information Technology and has been a WAHM mom for 4 years now.

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