Reviewed by Lauren Kirk

I Will Not Be Silent, by April J. Maley, is a harrowing memoir about the author’s individual struggle that resulted from being a product of a family ripped apart by drinking, jealousy, psychosis, and murder. Maley lays out in excruciating detail  the life in her home before her alcoholic father murdered her mother virtually in front of her and her siblings. The memoir is stark, choppy in style, and deliberate. The author does not mince words when she describes the cycle of violence that she grew up in and that ultimately continued in her adult life. The memoir is her release and she never shies away from that fact. Instead, she embraces it.

Maley’s life changed drastically when she was just nine years old and her mother, one of the only stable constants in her life, was taken away by her father. The portrait of her father is a frightening one and it seems that many simply did not want to get in his path of destruction. This choice was not available to the small children whose lives would be forever affected by his choices.

Maley speaks of many people in her life, both past and present, yet she does not ever fully develop anyone. They all seem to pass through her life and the book as merely mentions, not characters of substance. I Will Not Be Silent is a personal release of traumas survived and violence endured; it is not a feel good memoir on overcoming tragedy. The tragedy is something that the author has to deal with daily and in writing this memoir, she has chosen to finally end the cycle of violence in her life, and to hopefully inspire those with similar situations to do the very same.

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This book was provided free of any obligation by April J. Maley. No monetary or any other form of compensation was received.