it's not fair book coverReviewed by Sarah Dalton

Reading It’s Not Fair is like sitting down with a friend over a cup of coffee for a solid chat and lots of laughing. Serious belly laughs. I had to stop reading this in bed at night after the third or fourth time I snort laughed loud enough to wake my husband up. Melanie Dale has a sense of humor that I can identify with. She is self-deprecating and speaks in movie quotes. I have told several friends about this book and plan to lay in a stock of them to give out as gifts to loved ones.

Before I read this book I was not at all familiar with Dale or her blog, Unexpected.org. I may have to familiarize myself with her after reading some of the blog and Twitter excerpts. I chose this book because the synopsis sounded like it would be a laugh riot, and it was. Dale describes the book not as a self-help book, but as a ‘let’s help each other’ book. It’s the written equivalent of a good friend handing you a pint of good ice cream, a fuzzy blanket, and your favorite comfort movie. Fuzzy blankets figure heavily into this book and Dale describes them as a hug you can have all the time. I left this book genuinely wanting to hang out with the author.

In a review, I must describe the good and the bad about what I’ve read and I am struggling a bit because the only parts of the book that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy were not Dale’s fault. As I said, I was not familiar with Melanie Dale before reading this book and I didn’t know that she is a Christian blogger. I am not religious or spiritual at all, so the parts that were very scripture heavy did not resonate with me like they will with others. Dale does say right up front that you should take what you want/need from this book and leave the rest. I laughed heartily at something on almost every single page and I didn’t get caught up in the spiritual things. The bonus to this is when I hand this book over to my loved ones, most of whom are spiritual or religious, they will enjoy it just that much more. So, the only parts of this book that didn’t grab me are going to be the exact reason that many others pick this up.

I would certainly recommend giving It’s Not Fair a try, especially if you need a good snort laugh.

Sarah is a wife, Mom, personal chef, avid reader, sometimes writer, all around smart ass, and lover of life. She maintains her sanity in the hectic life of raising two special needs kids by drinking vast amounts of coffee, small amounts of wine, laughing often, telling lots of jokes (occasionally poorly timed, often thoroughly inappropriate), and appreciating her husband because he’s a rock star Dad and partner.

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