IHOW-final-coverReviewed by Lindsay Yocum

What do you do when you are stuck with someone you loathe for months? You hate life, that’s what. When Sidney Sinclair’s sister drops the bombshell that she is getting married–and very soon! Sidney met Vaughn Roberts only minutes prior to hearing her sister’s news; Vaughn witnessed Sidney’s less than stellar coffee date and proceeded to hit on her. Both of them are now less than enthused about the situation they are being thrown into because, as it turns out, Sidney’s sister is marrying Vaughn’s brother.

It’s a lose, lose situation for Sidney. She has just gone through an incredibly humiliating engagement, and now her baby sister is getting married–before her. On top of all that, she also has to deal with the gorgeous man she does not want anything to do with. As an investment banker, Sidney is used to putting her game face on and getting to work, and that’s exactly what she does with her sister’s wedding as the Maid of Honor. But she can’t shake the irritation (or attraction) she feels for Vaughn and even though the feeling may be mutual, Sidney doesn’t want things to get messy. After all, he’s going to be her brother in law pretty soon and he is exactly the kind of man that she has been trying so hard to avoid since her break up.

When Sidney agrees to accompany her sister on a weekend trip to her future brother in law’s hometown, she is less than enthused to find out that Vaughn will be there as well. After a slight hiccup in trying to resist Vaughn while at his parent’s house, they’re both unsure of where to go from there. What they do know is that their siblings cannot find anything out. Vaughn’s brother knows his playboy ways but can Vaughn convince everyone, and himself, that he is ready for something more? And with Sidney? Or will he end up crushing her heart even more than it had been before?

I really enjoyed It Happened One Wedding. It was fun, cute, and the characters just meshed together effortlessly. Sometimes the conversations characters have with each other in books seem so forced, like the author didn’t exactly know how to write out what they wanted and make it sound normal. Thankfully, that was not the case here. Sidney was at times a fun character but more often than not she was uptight and it was easy to see how Vaughn could get annoyed with her. I thought Vaughn was great, and he was pretty funny as well.

This was the first book I have read from Julie James and I am definitely interested in reading more–especially since this seems to be a series of some sort! I give this book a rating of four stars because it will appeal to most women. A fun and light read with a great storyline!

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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