Reviewed by Alysia George

Serendipitous meetings have the power to change our lives. Sometimes we might not think much about them at first, and we might only realize their impact much later. Even long periods of time could pass before we understand the significance of a certain conversation, choice, or event.

The subtitle of Kristin Kaufman’s book, Is This Seat Taken? is Random Encounters That Change Your Life. It is a collection of personal stories – chance encounters, spur of the moment decisions, and the like, that have had a huge impact on Kaufman’s life. Her stories illustrate the importance of being present, every moment. Many times throughout the book, she emphasizes that if she hadn’t been living in the moment and really seeing and experiencing her surroundings, she may have missed out on some really important conversations and relationships that at various times changed her outlook, or the course of her life.

Furthermore, Kaufman proposes that these moments, which some might call fate, can serve to help individuals move toward a place of alignment in their lives. In other words, a place where one’s true calling can become a reality. But it is vital to be open to these experiences, and to be paying enough attention to the world around us, right now at this very moment.

Reminders to “seize the day” are important in day to day life, when chaos and busyness can get the better of us. Is This Seat Taken? provides just such a reminder. I enjoyed reading these personal accounts and appreciate the reinforcement that it is vital to live intentionally and connect to others.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Alysia lives in Metro Detroit with her husband and four children. She writes about family life, parenting issues, and other things of interest to her on her blog, Michigal.

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