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Review: Iron House by John Hart

[ 7 ] August 4, 2011 |

Reviewed by Jodi Horsley

Michael and Julian are brothers, abandoned as infants and put in an orphanage – the Iron House. An orphanage that is more of a prison then a home, has no authority and is run by the bullies. Those who live at the Iron House either become strong and learn how to survive, or fall victim to the bullies.

Just as Michael and Julian are about to get adopted into a new life by the Senator’s wife, someone is murdered and Michael takes the blame. Michael runs away from the Iron House while Julian gets adopted and lives a life of wealth and privilege, and torment. Michael learns how to survive on the streets and is ultimately brought under the wing of a major Mob boss – who becomes a “father” to him and teaches Michael how to be a ruthless killer.

Just before the mob boss dies, Michael is given the okay by his “father” to quit the mob and live a “normal” life with his pregnant girlfriend Elena. Unfortunately, the mob boss’ family has other plans for Michel and they won’t let him just walk away – he knows too much. They want Michael dead and will do anything to get him – even go after Elena and her unborn child and Julian.

The threat against Julian now brings Michael back to his brother…only to find that he has been going through some problems of his own. The past rears its ugly head and brings them back once again to the Iron House.

Iron House is a riveting novel with many twists and turns, and plots all woven together. There is such intensity and emotion throughout this book. This story shows amazing love between two brothers and how the past can effect the present. Iron House is a must read.

Rating: 5/5

Jodi lives in the western suburbs of Illinois with her husband, her elementary school daughter, and preschool boy/girl twins. She is an avid reader and loves losing herself in a good book. She has a Master’s in Information Technology and has been a WAHM mom for 4 years now.

The review copy of this book was provided free of any obligation by Thomas Dunne Books. No monetary or any other form of compensation was received.

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Comments (7)

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  1. 7
    techeditor says:

    I agree with this review and wish I could state it even more strongly–this is more than just a thriller. It’s such a well-written, character-driven novel, unlike the majority of thrillers out there.

    IRON HOUSE got better and better, right to the end. Whatever I guessed turned out to be something else.

    Few authors can write a thriller like John Hart does. While most are plot driven and formulaic, Hart’s are character driven as well plot driven and far superior. So it not only keeps you up at night like a great thriller should; it also makes you care about the characters.

  2. 6
    Stephenia says:

    I wouldn’t normally pick up this book, but after reading the review and the reviewer’s rating 5/5 I find it intriguing. I like books with twists/turns and unexpected endings. Also those that talk of love that stands the test of time (whether brotherly, familial or romantic).

  3. 5
    Carol Wong says:

    John Hart’s The Last Child” was one of the best books that I have ever read, the characters are richly developed, plots was perfect. It is one of those book that I did not want to end. So I am expecting a whole lot out of this book. I know that I will not be disappointed. I am eagerly waiting to read this one.

    Carol Wong

  4. 4
    Bethie says:

    Looks like there are a lot of twists to this story. I love that the brothers come back together in the end. I would love to read this. I am going to put this on my wishlist.

  5. 3
    Na says:

    With such a premise I would be surprised if there WEREN’T any twists and turns woven into the plot. It’s the sort of story where I would expect the unexpected and it’s a good thing because when I choose to read a thriller it’s because I want an edge of the seat experience. The brother have such a dark history it’s great to hear that they share a strong bond instead of being torn apart.

  6. 2
    Colleen Turner says:

    This wouldn’t usually be something I would pick up, but you make it sound really good! I am curious as well to why Michael would take the blame for a murder he didn’t commit, and leave his brother to be adopted out (wait…maybe I know….I don’t want to say in case I am right and would spoil it for everyone else :)). Thanks for the review, I might have to pick this one up!

  7. 1
    FHC says:

    powerful themes evident , though not the most likely/realistically based plotline. i am curious to know why Michael would take the blame for a murder, especially when he’s about to be adopted along with his brother. seems like a stretch … and not a lot of wisdom in the decision. but that’s just what i’m getting from what Jodi’s presented. thanks for making me aware of this one ~

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