Reviewed by Claudia R.

“Like the mountains the collective power of women stands alone and, at the same time, is connected to and is part of something bigger than itself. I knew then, as I stood at the river’s edge gazing at the distant purple summit, that as we press forward for social transformation, Iron Butterflies are always alone and never alone; we are paradoxically one.”

Iron Butterflies, by Birute Regine, is a conglomeration of female role model experiences gleaned by the author over a period of time and a span of eight countries. Broken down in to 13 chapters, Iron Butterflies encourages female readers to stand strong against gender discrimination, using detailed examples and real life situations to demonstrate the positives of gender difference in leadership roles.

Using both practical and holistic methods, the women, a motley crew, including a congresswoman, governor, winemaker, CEO, artist & more, share their stories with Birute, who seamlessly weaves their respective experiences in to a book that belongs on every female’s (and their beloveds, if they are sensitive enough to want to learn more about their partner) bookshelf. Through the various personal examples of change and transformation, readers will learn how they too, can grow ‘wings’, fly, and in turn spread change, despite the deeply male-heavy society they live in.

Iron Butterflies is a stepping stone towards evolution, female evolution, power and change that comes from numbers. Step by step, Birute, along with the advice of the strong, dynamic women she interviewed, shows women how to break free, grow and become Iron Butterflies themselves; all without sacrificing their femininity, the very root of their power. Detailed, smart, provocative and enlightening, Iron Butterflies promises, in one way or another, to alter your perception of women and what they are capable of doing with a lot of work and a little encouragement.

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Claudia lives on Cape Cod with her husband and two children. She entertains her passion for reading in between being a full-time Mom, aspiring writer, avid photographer & volunteer for Missie’s Closet, an emergency food & necessities pantry for the low-income in her area.

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