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About the book

Have you ever had that moment while watching French Cooking at Home and reruns of old school Julia Child, or movies like Chocolat and A Good Year, where you take a pause from drooling over the gorgeous food and relaxing feasts to wonder how they do it? How do French meals manage to achieve that seemingly effortless je ne sais quoi that makes even a simple baguette with cheese something special? Susan Herrmann Loomis has the answer!

In her new book, In a French Kitchen, Susan shares the everyday tips and tricks that allow the French to turn every meal into a sumptuous occasion. One by one, readers are introduced the busy people of Susan’s adopted home in the small Normandy town of Louviers, who share their secrets as willingly as they share their meals — from Edith, a runway chic grande dame who hates to cook but whose passion for food leads her to whip up dishes like warm potato salad with herring and leeks, to Stéphane, the formal local butcher who devotes himself to finding the perfect ingredients for a dinner party. Through these stories, readers will learn how French cooks organize and plan their meals while also having the savoir faire to get out of a low ingredient bind, that the best recipes come from seasonal produce and simple ingredients, and the importance of taking time at the table to enjoy in the act of eating.

Filled with 85 delicious recipes, including Lentils with Sausages, Watercress Pesto, and Jacqueline’s Apple Cake, In a French Kitchen is a memoir that will transport you to France and that will be ready to accompany you into the kitchen when you’re inspired to get cooking.

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