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[ 4 ] May 18, 2010 |
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    Kel says:

    I read the articles — how to choose an ebook after my husband commented on seeing one in action at his work the other day, just like when digital camera's first came out we resisted but when we had a chance to try one — it was a gift from work — we liked it and have progressed upward from there. I am sure it is the same with e-readers — although
    I can't imagine ever giving up the printed page — I like the hands on feel and touch of a book too much. But I do see the good points to ereaders — they are easier to carry on vacation and such and you don't have to worry about losing books etc — which is why I also read the article There is always a place for printed books– and I firmly believe this to be the case but liked how she pointed out all the ways that technology has changed the way the book business works and how it is all integrated. After reading Steves comments above will have to go read the other articles

  2. 3
    Steve Capell says:

    I can't wait to read your review on this book.

  3. 2
    Vera says:

    We will be reviewing Marrowbone Marble Company next month.

  4. 1
    Steve Capell says:

    I enjoyed the article “Second Novels and the Writing Life.” I came away with several thoughts after reading this article:

    1) I like Glen Taylor’s comment, “If we do our job right, writers can, in the words of Muhammad Ali, shake up the world.” He wants people to read his work because of artistic talent of writing and how a book can change a person’s thoughts and ideas.
    2) The second thing I took away from this is that for an author to be successful they need to persevere. I think this true in any endeavor.
    3) I love to read war books, but I have never read Marrowbone Marble Company. I had no idea what this title meant. I did some research and found out that this was a factory in West Virginia that made toy marbles. Wow … I had no idea that these two things would come together a war novel and toy marble factory. I know you’re probably wondering why I am making such a big deal about these two things coming together in this article. For me these two things came into full view on my radar because I like war novels and secondly I am an artist that works with hot glass and I have made a countless glass marbles. In my research I found this fantastic article on how the cover of this book came about. You may find it interesting too read

    Needless to say, I really enjoyed this article and now I have another book on my list to read.

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