Reviewed by Alice P.

I’ll Have Who She’s Having is an engaging book about two very competitive sisters, and their takes on love, family and life in general. Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke have successfully blended the lives of women who are polar opposites in an easy read that is likely to absorb the readers.

Even though she is known for her fast lifestyle and crazy relationships, 32 year-old gorgeous blond Kate is ready to settle down. But when her long term boyfriend dumps her, she finds her life spiraling out of control; she succumbs to depression that consists of pigging out and staying home with a dirty martini and watching Pretty Woman, her all time favorite movie. Kate has a hard time understanding why her life can’t have a fairy tale ending like her sister’s or the other women around her who all seem to be getting married.

Seeing Kate’s miserable condition, in steps Kelly, Kate’s younger and married sister. As much as Kelly wants to help her sister, Kate’s down-in-the-dumps attitude grates on her nerves. After all, Kelly knows that her marriage isn’t the happy ending Kate makes it out to be; once the vows are done, lives move on, and time passes by. Craving her husband’s attention and overwhelmed with housework, Kelly feels herself wasting away. When a chance encounter at a Starbucks connects Kelly with Tim, a handsome volleyball coach, she finds herself encouraging Kate to join her in the volleyball class in the hopes of catching Tim’s eye.

I’ll Have Who She’s Having follows the sisters as they battle their inner selves and each other in their constant search for a happy ending. In the course of the book, they realize that they were looking for love in all the wrong places and come to appreciate life as it transpires. Both the readers and the characters learn that the concept of happy ending, after all, is not just a fairytale…

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