i have a voice book coverReviewed by Kelly Ferjutz

Some people are very fortunate – they discover what it is they want to do fairly early on in life and find a straight path to that goal. Others of us are not so certain that we’re headed in the right direction. Or we may think we are, but then a newly-discovered pathway leads us in a different direction. Maybe it’s only a temporary detour, but still–we’ve lost our way in the meantime.

After trying several different career paths without the satisfaction that he’d hoped to find, twenty-something Tyler Williams changed his direction. He planned on the next step, and through the good fortune that we all hope for, plus the discipline that we all have (if we care to use it) he made important changes to his life plan.

The most important thing for any of us – Tyler included – is knowing where to find the help that we need to set us on our pathway to success. Tyler’s initial achievements were beyond his expectations and would thrill most of us, leaving us content to rest on our laurels. But for Tyler, that was the easy way out.

He persisted in challenging himself, constantly seeking the advice and counsel of those who had been there, done that, before him. This book is the result of that seeking. How he found what he needed, and then set about to use it. In so doing, he made himself vulnerable to encouragement, criticism and defeat. But he never gave up.

If you take just one thing away after finishing I Have a Voice, it should be that. Never give up. He didn’t, and neither should the rest of us.

Finding your voice doesn’t necessarily mean your singing voice. After all, writers have a voice as well. Actually, anyone in the creative arts has a unique voice, and the attention you pay to this facet of yourself will determine how well you succeed or fail. Hopefully, not the latter!

This is not a big book, by any means, but there are plenty of words of wisdom scattered through it, along with many words of reinforcement from the author. He is emphatic with his repetition of this simple phrase: I believe in you. If he believes in us, how can we doubt his sincerity, much less doubt ourselves? After all, he has made himself vulnerable to us by sharing his own pathway and his struggles. He must know whereof he speaks!

First and foremost, Kelly is a reader, then a writer and editor. She adores Regency-set novels, and cozy mysteries. Every now and then, however, she finds something else to enjoy if it has a great premise with characters who belong in there, and fabulous writing! She writes under her own name, as well as her pen-name, Hetty St. James.

Review copy was provided free of any obligation by Williams Raymond Publishing. No monetary or any other form of compensation was received.