Reviewed by Melanie Kline

Psychologically charged, I’d Know You Anywhere keeps you on the end of your chair in suspense. You feel yourself becoming entwined with Eliza and wondering “Just what does he want?” and “Why won’t he just go away?”

In 1985, Walter Bowman seems to snap and kidnaps, rapes and kills a series of teenage girls. Elizabeth Lerner stumbles across Bowman burying one of his victims in the woods near her home as she takes a shortcut to a fast food restaurant. Although she doesn’t realize what he is doing, Bowman takes Elizabeth to keep her from talking.

Now, many years later, Eliza Benedict has a family of her own. Her peaceful existence comes crashing down around her when she reads the letter she receives in the mail. How did he find her – and why??

It seems that Walter Bowman still has some psychological hold on her – if only because then Elizabeth, now Eliza, was the only victim that Bowman had allowed to live. The question that has always been in the back of her mind is “Why?”

When Bowman begins contacting Eliza from his death row jail cell wanting to talk, Eliza finds herself falling into his spell. She knows that he will not give up and that he can expose her and her ordeal from 1985 to the world, so she plays along to find out just what he wants. As Bowman requests more and more communication with Eliza, she finds herself reliving every moment of her captivity and analyzing his every move – trying desperately to still the question in her mind, “Why did she live?”

From beginning to end, I’d Know You Anywhere will keep you turning pages. This book is more gripping, compelling and emotionally intense than anything I have read in a very long time.

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