18769649Reviewed by Meghan Hyden

Officer June Lyons works the night shift at her station in Hopewell Falls, New York–a quiet little town where nothing really happens and everyone knows each other. The most she has to deal with is the occasional drunk driver or disorderly conduct. No one in this town was ready for what would happen when, one night, June finds the body of Danielle Brouillette impaled on an ice shear at the local river. This is no accident. The murder stuns everyone, especially Danielle’s parents, Congresswoman Amanda Brouillette and her husband, Phil, a local businessman.

The police have lots of suspects – Danielle’s husband, Marty; Marty’s brother, Ray; Danielle’s ex-boyfriend from high school, Jason; the Brouillette’s pilot, Craig – but no real evidence.

As the investigation goes on, things go from bad to worse–Ray is murdered, his body found on the Brouillette’s property, where June also finds a meth lab. Everyone is convinced that it was Marty who killed his wife and then killed his brother, but the evidence leaves them with more questions than answers.

And when Marty and Ray’s parents, the Jelicksons, arrive on scene …

Ice Shear was a little slow starting out, but then it got really good–local cops, FBI, the government, a big biker gang, meth, murder … and a lot of secrets. And talk about two messed up families–the Brouillettes and the Jelicksons, neither of which could see what they had done to their children.

The author did a great job with most of the characters. I really cared about what was happening to them, was hoping the murderer wasn’t this person or that person, felt sorry for some, got angry at others. My only problem is that I really didn’t feel for Danielle. She was murdered before we ever met her (which does happen, especially in police procedurals), and the way that she was described by others didn’t really make me care that she had died. I mean, I did because I’m human, but I didn’t feel heartbroken over it, not like I did when I found out that Ray had died. Danielle, the more I got to know her, the more I just didn’t like her, but the way her character was, I think I was supposed to, at least on some levels.

The last several chapters were one big thrill ride. I’m talking edge-of-your-seat-what’s-going-to-happen-next moments. And the murderer? All I will say is that I love a mystery where I am completely shocked at the end by who it was.

I would like to see more with June Lyons – and Hale, the FBI agent – and Ice Shear has a nice little opening at the end that could make this possible. I liked June and Dan, her partner–the chemistry they had was great.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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