Reviewed by Erin McKibbin

In the 11th Century, the celibate and highly religious Saxon King Edward sat on the throne of England. The only surviving son of Queen Emma “Ælgifu”, Edward came to the throne he never wanted harboring resentment against the mother that forced him to grow up abandoned in exile and baring a fierce loyalty to the Norman nobles and clerics who raised and protected him in his mother’s stead.

Edward played a wicked game of politics to force his mother out of power and to cow her supporters among the Earls of England. But was he too much in bed with Normandy for the comfort of the Saxon Earls? Did he really promise the Saxon throne to the Norman bastard Duke William?

King Edward’s choices and decisions set the stage for one of the shortest reigns in English history: the last Saxon King Harold. Son of Earl Godwin, Harold devoted himself to England as his father had done before him. When King Edward died without an heir, the council of Earls elected Harold to the throne of England in the hopes that he could defend her from the growing Norman threat. His anointment, though, had quite the opposite effect. Duke William “the bastard” launched a military campaign so immense against England that it changed the history of English royalty forever.

Helen Hollick does a superb job of continuing her story of the final years of Saxon ruled England. In the first book of this series, The Forever Queen, Helen brings to life the reign of the Queen Emma, the only queen to keep her crown through five kings. In I Am the Chosen King, Helen picks up where she left off and follows the sons of Emma and her champion, Godwin as they lead England to the seat of the last Saxon King.

Rating: 4/5

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