hush-hush-becca-fitzpatrickReviewed by Melanie Kline

Nora Grey is an outstanding student and model teenager attending Coldwater High School in Coldwater, Maine. She can always be counted on to do the right thing – she would never go against her mother’s wishes, break a rule, a law or most of the things other teenagers do. That is, until she gets a new lab partner in biology. Patch Capriano is nothing like Nora. She can tell just by looking at him that he is bad news and Nora does everything in her power to avoid Patch. Patch, on the other hand, seems to be everywhere Nora is and she can feel him watching her long before she spots him.

Vee, Nora’s best friend, is the typical teenager who would gladly skip her homework to attend a party. Vee is outgoing and friendly to Nora’s quiet and reserved; urged on by Vee, the girls befriend the new student Elliot Saunders, a transfer from Kinghorn Prep, and his friend Jules. Elliot instantly likes Nora and invites both girls to go places with himself and Jules. Nora isn’t nearly as trusting of new people as Vee, but because of Vee finds herself participating.

Nora questions why Elliot has transferred from Kinghorn Prep and with some investigating, she finds troubling information about his past. Unable to shake her attraction towards Patch, Nora questions him as well, but finds the information much harder to dig up.

Nora starts seeing things and experiencing events that seem to happen only in her head, although she would swear that they are real. Someone in a ski mask starts following her and she is convinced that either Elliot or Patch is behind it, but cannot prove anything. She finds herself in situations where someone mistaken for her was harmed and once even killed.

Nora doesn’t know what to do. Is Elliot really a murderer? And what or who is Patch? Are the things she is seeing and experiencing real? Who is following her and trying to kill her? Who can she trust?

While Hush, Hush is aimed at ages 14 and up, it is a great read for all ages. The story is fast paced and extremely entertaining. The pages fly by as you find yourself wondering what you would do in a similar situation. The ending leaves you both amazed and satisfied at the same time.