hotandheavy-225x330Reviewed by Heather Bryant

Fierce and Fat are the keys to this book. Written by many and edited by Virgie Tovar, this book helps a fat girl (me) feel fierce about herself.

No, Hot & Heavy is not a how to book per say. These ladies are overweight and have gone their fair share of ups and downs caused by their weight, and share their stories in this book. The reader finds out more about Self Acceptance groups and that it is OK to feel good about oneself at any size. This is a book I would love for teen girls to read. Though the language is colorful I can see that every story comes from the heart and the writers truly stand behind their self-acceptance.

I especially enjoyed these women’s opinions on love and their encouragement to go out and date; there are men out there that prefer a larger lady to a skinny one. It is all about how you present yourself and if you are confident then it will shine through. Many of the writers have normal jobs during the day and moon light as dancers/performers at night where they dress/dance as they please and are very open with their bodies.

I believe that offering Hot & Heavy or similar books to teen girls will help them with self-acceptance and lessen the body issues that they may have. And isn’t that what teen girls today worry most about? I know I did for a long time and now I finally accept myself for me at my size. Boy, it has been a relief!

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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