lessons from a hummingbird book coverReviewed by Denise G.

In Hope, Lessons from a Hummingbird, William Cuccia sets the scene by telling us about his life with his wife, Nan, in coastal California, and the struggles they’ve gone through in their marriage because of his bouts with depression and rage. The couple was previewing a house that they were interested in buying and came across an injured hummingbird. Nan, being the kind-hearted soul that she is, took the little bird home to nurture back to health. The book draws a number of parallels between the hummingbird’s rehabilitation and William’s journey back to health.

William is a pastor and educator, and throughout the book, he brings faith and the idea of allowing nature to take over into the equation. I believe Hopeis his first book, and it certainly has a few rookie quirks, but nothing significant enough to take away from the lessons to be learned. His style is pure and honest, which is refreshing. You won’t find pages filled with every thought that’s ever gone through William’s head, but he does give us an adequate background for understanding him and Nan, and the problem that lies at the core.

What William lacks in style he definitely does make up in substance. Being a true story, Hope draws the reader in and makes you believe that no matter how bad things seem, there are lessons to be learned from the smallest of creatures. We just need to keep our eyes open for them!

I really liked the book, despite my initial disdain for all of the religious references. The way the author used the tiny hummingbird to overcome adversity, and also to teach about the power of positive thinking is a good lesson for us all, regardless of our faith.

With a diverse but unsatisfying career background, Denise made the decision to pursue what she loves: writing! Her first novel, of course, is in the works.

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