Reviewed by Andrea

Amy Spencer has an audition that will change her life forever–only its for a teen pop-like TV show instead of an independent film (which is what she dreams of staring in). She gets the job and moves to LA to begin a new life; what is normal back in her Midwest hometown is now not acceptable in the high maintenance world of super stardom. Her best friend, Vince, a gay stylist, moves out to LA and they both live the dream. But super stardom is not all that its cracked up to be. There is a price to pay and changes to be made to keep the role. Amy/Star (she has to change her name!) has to make the decision between becoming a new person – a person the producers want her to be – or staying true to herself.

I really enjoyed Hollywood Car Wash! I found myself completely identifying with the main character, Amy (Probably because when I was in college I was all set to move to LA for film school at UCLA). The author, Lori Culwell, gives an insider’s view on the stereotypical rags-to-riches Hollywood starlet story. Amy dreams of being an independent movie star but is cast in a teen pop-like TV show (which is something she usually scorns). And to keep the role, she has to undergo the trials of being a new star from the Midwest; a normal girl back home, but far from perfect by the industry standards. I found myself laughing out-loud at many parts in the story, usually from something Vince, Amy/Star’s best gay friend, said. I could completely picture this being the life of a new starlet, although how she got there seems a little far-fetched. I found myself cringing at the things she was doing, rooting for her, and hoping all was right in the end.

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Andrea is a huge Gators fan who loves to read!  Her favorite genres are Chick-Lit, YA, and Paranormal.


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