Beat Holiday Stress by Doing More!

by Peggy Hall

The change of seasons often brings a change of heart: one minute we’re barefoot and carefree, soaking up our favorite plot lines as we soak up the sun; the next, we’re fretting over holiday to-do lists, instead of digging into the current best-seller!

Before you think you need to take some things off your to-do list, consider actually creating another list of things to do.

That’s right – only this time, it’s a to-do list that focuses on you!

You see, when you spend some time recharging your own batteries, you actually increase your physical energy and mental clarity so that you can more calmly and effortlessly tackle the challenges of the season.

Here are a few easy, fun and inexpensive “to do’s” that truly nourish mind, body and soul:

1. Set aside a specific time each day to curl up with a good book (of course) – along with a cozy cup of Chai Cider.

Read a paragraph, then sip and savor the cider, which naturally calms and soothes the nervous system.

2. Do something out of the ordinary, like sit in a different chair, take in a new view or indulge in a new flavor of Oregon Chai. Getting out of the typical routine really wakes up the brain cells and can leave you even more refreshed than just taking a nap!

3. Experiment in the kitchen with a new, fun recipe. Imagine the response you’ll get when you bring Chai Candied Yams to the table…or how about preparing homemade Chai Biscotti? The key is to spend this time in a relaxed manner, creating something that appeals to you.

4. Connect with your “fans” – you know, the friends who make you feel terrific. But instead of doing so electronically, actually pick up the phone and express your gratitude “in person” instead of electronically. That gesture in and of itself can begin a ripple of gratitude that will spread to all during the holiday season!

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About Peggy Hall

Peggy Hall is an acclaimed mind and body wellness expert who has helped thousands of women discover greater health and well-being. She is recognized as an acclaimed yoga instructor, personal trainer, nutritional therapist, published author and sought-after speaker. Through her variety of experience, Peggy recognizes the importance of taking Me Time to maintain focus and balance in our everyday lives.

Peggy is the featured health and wellness expert for the ABC Radio Network and a contributing writer for Clean Eating magazine. She has also been featured in numerous publications, including USA TODAY, The Los Angeles Times, Surfer, Yoga Journal, SELF, Men’s Journal and more.

With her upbeat attitude and positive energy, Peggy inspires a passion for healthy living that resonates strongly with the Oregon Chai brand.

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