Reviewed by Amanda Farmer

Hocus Pocus Hotel was my first book by Michael Dahl and I plan on reading more by him even if his books are geared toward children. I thought Hocus Pocus Hotel was well written and had wonderful descriptions of the Abracadabra Hotel and its occupants. I could picture everything in the hotel like I was there with the characters. I also loved the illustrations that were scattered throughout the book. I feel children of all ages could and would love this story. It has so much more to offer than just an old magic hotel.

The main characters in the story are Ty, the school bully, and Charlie, a nerd with a photographic memory. Both boys are so very different that you would never peg them for being friends or working together. This story brings them together to solve the many mysteries of the hotel and its mysterious occupants. The hotel has had many legendary magicians stay within its walls and something big is about to happen again within the walls of the hotel unbeknownst to the hotel manager.

I liked that this story put the school bully and nerd together and did not have them fighting one another. It actually had them working together and getting along, although Ty would deny it if any one asked and of course they could not be seen together during school hours.

This story has a lot to offer its readers: friendships, mysteries, magic, and of course surprises around every corner. The reader is able to be drawn into the story and will not want to stop reading it until the end. I can’t wait for the next book in the series to be released next year. I am looking forward to it and sharing it with my family. I feel this story will appeal to all readers even those who resist reading a book unless its required for school.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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