Book cover of Hit by Ann GroverReviewed by Christen Krumm

Hit by Lorie Ann Grover tells a story of tragedy and forgiveness through the eyes of high school senior, Sarah, and her teacher, Mr. Haddings.

Sarah has a major crush on her high school poetry teacher, Mr. Haddings, a local college student filling in as teacher for extra credit. However, with her being the student and he the teacher, a relationship between the two cannot happen. The day Sarah is finally going to confront Mr. Haddings about her feelings, consequences aside, she is hit by a car—by none other than Mr. Haddings.

Will Sarah survive the day? Will Sarah and Haddings’ relationship ever be?

Oh where to start? Starting this book I felt like it resembled If I Stay—the hourly format is similar. No biggie. Nothing new under the sun. However, I don’t feel like it worked as well for Grover’s story. Many times I was distracted by the fact that in parts we were still in the same room, same character’s head, but it was broken up into ten to fifteen minutes increments.

The whole teacher/student attraction reminded me a lot of the teacher/student attraction in Pretty Little Liars. I wish we had a little more backstory. I felt like we got a few bread crumbs here and there, but nothing was expounded upon. In the end it left me with two characters I really wasn’t sure I cared about.

I was a little disappointed that the mom was the stereotypical “un-cool” mom. She was whiny, overbearing, and just plain annoying. The fact that Sarah went back and forth wanting her mother was confusing to me because anytime there was interaction between her and her mother, she couldn’t stand her.

While I like the story jumping between Sarah and Haddings, Haddings’ voice seemed. . . feminine. Also, I felt like Haddings turned from a concerned teacher to stalker all in the name of the reader getting the story. He’s slinking around corners, sneaking closer to doctors when they are informing Sarah’s mother of her condition, and eavesdropping way too much. And by the time we got to the end of the story I was still unsure on Haddings feelings towards Sarah.

I so, so wanted to love this book. The whole thing seemed to go very quickly. Sarah was hit by Haddings, goes into surgery, and is released the next day. Given this is based loosely on a true story, it just seemed crazy fast. Hit is one you could hit or miss.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆ 

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