This is off my usual topic of books, but I was up late last night and caught an ABC news show. The host did a special on this Chandler, Arizone restaurant called Heart Attack Grill. Anyone heard of it?

Apparently, the chef/owner is dressed as a doctor, the scantily clad waitresses are all dressed as nurses, and there are wheelchairs that can be used instead of chairs. They serve – as you probably guessed – calorie laden food: burgers with five patties, greasy fries, and get this, melted easy cheese in shake sized glasses!

People who weight over 350 lbs get free food and their spokesperson weighed 575 lbs. I said weighed in past tense because he recently passed away

Apparently the owner (who did not look like he ate his own food) is opening another location in Dallas. Does anyone else find this disturbing?