Reviewed by Erin N.

Since the last Presidential election, the American population has been inundated with health care reform proposals and, ultimately, the new health care law that has caused the most fierce controversy and partisan politics ever to grace the scene of the 21st century landscape. Despite the conflict, no one on any side of the debate believes that health care does not need to be reformed. The vast majority of Americans recognize that the root problem is uncontrolled costs; what they are not in full agreement on is “what generated those excessive costs to begin with.”

Rene P. Moret, an MBA Accountant with 20 years of executive experience in the managed health care industry, attempts to address the root causes for the failures in the American health care system. Furthermore, he presents a thoroughly thought out alternative to “the most significant health care legislation since Medicare and Medicaid in1965″.

Moret contends that there are two fundamental flaws with our health care system and that the health care legislation does not address either one of these flaws. The first flaw is that all “health care” can be “viewed as a combination of two subsystems: well care and sick care.” The American system is a predominantly “sick care” system. The second flaw is that our health care reimbursement system is based on insurance principles that promote and sustain a “high-cost, high-quality sick care system, but discourages activities that would improve our well care system and reduce costs.” Moret believes that the new legislation will fail to fix the system because “putting more people into the same system that got us into this mess in the first place will only make matters worse.”

In Health Scare, Moret presents a very concise and fact packed treatise about the history of our current health care system, the issues that have given rise to our current problems, and a proposition that would fundamentally change health care in America for years to come.

Rating: 4.5/5

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