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21 01, 2016

Review: Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes

By | January 21st, 2016|Categories: Biographies, Entertainment, Health, Mind, & Body, Humor, Memoirs, Nonfiction, Self-Help, Success|Tags: , , , , , |4 Comments


year of yes book coverReviewed by Meg Massey

Shonda Rhimes is the mastermind behind popular TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Scandal. She’s created complex and bold characters like Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang–strong women that have encouraged their audience to live with passion and boldness. But in the Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun and Be Your Own Person, Shonda admits what some would never believe: she’s an introvert!

Shonda’s story begins in Thanksgiving 2013 when her sister spoke these words to her: “You never say yes to anything”. This exchange set events in motion that Shonda could have never predicted. Her sister’s words challenged her to step out of her comfort zone; to make a commitment to saying yes to everything that terrified her for one year.

This memoir is equal parts poignant

13 12, 2015

Review: How to Break Up With Anyone by Jamye Waxman

By | December 13th, 2015|Categories: Health, Mind, & Body, Motivational, Relationships, Self-Help|Tags: , , , |2 Comments


how to break up with anyone book coverReviewed by Poppy Johnson

How to Break Up With Anyone: Letting Go of Friends, Family, and Everyone In-Between by Jamye Waxman is a book for anyone in the predicament of needing to end a relationship, and right now. In the age of social media options for befriending others anywhere and anytime, few people today are versed or skilled at even knowing how to break off a relationship. Let’s face it, some people in our circle of relatives, acquaintances and friends have extended their expiration dates in our lives but how to get away from these people has been left up for grabs.

Waxman does make it clear that the person who wants to break away from a relationship should not feel like a “bad” person when the time is right for a legitimate break

25 11, 2015

Review: Brokenomics by Dina Gachman

By | November 25th, 2015|Categories: Business & Investing, Gift Ideas, Health, Mind, & Body, Nonfiction, Personal Finance, Self Help, Self-Help, Success|Tags: , , , , |2 Comments


brokenomics book coverReviewed by Nina Longfield

Brokenomics: 50 Ways to Live the Dream on a Dime by Dina Gachman is a funny, funny book. And it’s practical too. Who would have thought a book on personal finances could be so entertaining and humorous?

At its core, Brokenomics is a look at personal finance and how one might live better even on a minuscule paycheck. What separates Brokenomics from other (possibly all) personal economy books is a combination of Dina Gachman’s plausible stories, humor, and practical advice. Gachman peppers her personal finance self-help book with witty stories and real-world advice on how to really live rather than merely getting by. Gachman is straightforward in her narration. Some of Gachman’s rhetoric can be taken as tongue-in-cheek; at other times, her advice is like a smack on the forehead followed by a possible verbal “why didn’t

18 11, 2015

Review: Living with a SEAL by Jesse Itzler

By | November 18th, 2015|Categories: Exercise & Fitness, For Men, Gift Ideas, Health, Mind, & Body, Memoirs, Memoirs, Nonfiction|Tags: , , |1 Comment


living with a seal book coverReviewed by Jennifer Jensen

Self-made entrepreneur Jesse Itzler lives a comfortable lifestyle with his wife, Sara. Between the two of them, they run two successful businesses: Marquis Jet and Spanx. Jesse also has an interest in fitness and has competed in marathons. After deciding on the next marathon he wanted to run, he dragged his wife out to the race with him. One of the competitors, a solidly built African-American male, caught Jesse’s eye. He tracked down the man’s name and called him up, inviting him to live with his family and train Jesse for an entire month.

The man, known only as SEAL in Jesse’s memoir, Living with a SEAL: 31 Days Training with the Toughest Man on the Planet, promptly moved in and began a rigorous training with Jesse, pushing his body and mind as

10 08, 2015

Review: Natural to Knockout by Carol Brown

By | August 10th, 2015|Categories: Beauty & Fashion, Health, Mind, & Body|Tags: |4 Comments


natural to knockout book coverReviewed by Wendy Fitos

Carol Brown is an Emmy Award winning makeup artist and her book, Natural to Knockout, proves that she deserves the award. After reading her introduction, the study that she puts into creating her looks is so advanced from the makeup artists being featured currently as celebrity artists that I couldn’t wait to delve into her techniques. I wasn’t disappointed. She takes each feature on the face and discusses how to enhance the feature if it is a favorite or how to minimize the feature if it isn’t the most flattering to the face. She studied physiognomy, also known as face reading, which is the art of using the features of one’s face to learn about their character. She uses this knowledge to create

7 08, 2015

Review: How to F*ck a Woman by Ali Adler

By | August 7th, 2015|Categories: Health, Mind, & Body, Humor, Love & Romance, Nonfiction, Self-Help|Tags: , , , |3 Comments


How to F*ck a Woman book coverReviewed by Nina Longfield

At times insightful, sometimes funny, and always candid, Ali Adler covers her subject very well. Adler’s How to F*ck a Woman is a sex guide. In her introduction, Adler explains why she chose to write a book about sex. How to F*ck a Woman is the how-to manual she wrote to answer men’s general questions regarding women and sex with women. She writes from the assumption that all a man really wants is sex. (On the other side, she writes that women just want to be understood.) With insight and humor, Adler delves into the relationship dichotomy as she sees it from the male side issuing advice that might ultimately get the man into the woman’s bed (or vice versa).

Marketed as eighty percent relationship handbook and twenty percent sex manual, author Ali Adler

23 06, 2015

Review: 10% Human by Dr. Alanna Collen

By | June 23rd, 2015|Categories: Biological Sciences, Evolution, Health, Mind, & Body, Nonfiction, Personal Health, Science & Math|Tags: , , |2 Comments


10% human book coverReviewed by Alyssa Katanic

In recent years we have learned that antibacterial soaps are bad for us and that hand sanitizers contain triclosan. So, we have found “natural” ways to kill these germs: cloths laced with silver, essential oils promising to kill bacteria and other microbes, but what if not all microbes are our enemies? What if our health and sanity are dependent on these microbes that we kill off every day? In her new book, 10% Human: How Your Body’s Microbes Hold the Key to Health and Happiness, evolutionary biologist Dr. Alanna Collen explores just that and explains that the cells that make up our bodies and help us to function are not 100% human cells. In fact, our bodies are merely 10% human.

By hitting on health concerns that seem new to those of us in 20th century

14 06, 2015

Review: Handwriting Analysis by David J. Dewitt

By | June 14th, 2015|Categories: Health, Mind, & Body, Psychology & Counseling, Self-Help|Tags: , , |4 Comments


handwriting analysis book coverReviewed by Sarah McCubbin

If you’ve ever seen an episode of Crime Scene Investigators (CSI), you may have seen the team using handwriting analysis to help catch the perpetrator of a crime. By studying a person’s writing and how they form their letters, certain inferences can be made about someone’s temperament or character traits. However, such a study can be beneficial for more than solving crimes. According to David J. Dewitt, it can be used as a mode of self-discovery, helping individuals find the right path that fits their nature. In his book, Handwriting Analysis: Discover Your Own Vocational/Career Potential, he aims to show how this tool can be used to figure out your personality type, and the best career choice for you. In particular, he is writing to people who may feel stuck in life or are

23 04, 2015

Review: Win Friends and Customers by Lawrence J. Bookbinder, Ph.D

By | April 23rd, 2015|Categories: Business & Investing, Health, Mind, & Body, Motivation & Self-Improvement, Nonfiction, Self-Help|Tags: , , , |1 Comment


win friends and customers book coverReviewed by Sarah McCubbin

Have you ever noticed that some people are just naturally good at making friends, can sell just about anything and are liked by nearly everyone? Then there are those who are just plain awkward and for whom a basic conversation seems like a victory. Years ago, when I found myself in the awkward camp, I remember thinking that the art of conversation was a bit of a mystery.  Eventually, I realized that listening to other people and asking questions about them was so much easier than contrived topics or defaulting to the weather.

Due to my own struggle, my interest was piqued when I came across the book, Win Friends and Customers: Relationship and Business Success from Empathic Acknowledging by Lawrence J. Bookbinder, Ph.D. As a clinical psychologist for over 30 years and an expert

31 03, 2015

Review: The Like Switch by Jack Schafer & Marvin Karlins

By | March 31st, 2015|Categories: Business & Investing, Health, Mind, & Body, Nonfiction, Parenting & Family, Self-Help, Success|Tags: , , , , |3 Comments


the like switch book coverReviewed by Garret Rose

Humans have the need to love and to be loved. Relationships are integral to our growth as well as a means to help us navigate through an interesting and sometimes difficult world. Sometimes that doesn’t come easy. If you are an introvert, a.k.a. a shy person, or timid around people, then The Like Switch: An Ex-FBI Agent’s Guide to Influencing, Attracting, and Winning People Over can be a great fit for you. It can teach you how to look for signs of attraction (either friendly or romantic), as well as how to maintain the appropriate space, eye contact, and physical contact in a budding relationship. Schafer and Karlins give advice on the “Friendship Formula”, “The Laws of Attraction”, “The Curiosity Hook”, and a very important chapter at the end titled “The Perils and Promise of