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About the book 

For the Hammonds of Washington, D.C., each day feels like a disaster waiting to happen. Older daughter Tilly is on the autism spectrum and for her parents Josh and Alexandra, life is about therapy options and finding a school that can deal with both her above-average intelligence and her sometimes explosive outbursts. Caught in between is younger daughter Iris—a shrewd observer and counterweight to Tilly.

When Tilly’s behavior becomes too erratic for her school to handle, Alexandra turns to Scott Bean—a magnetic parenting expert who leads them to Camp Harmony, a residential camp in the New Hampshire woods for families with special needs children. The Hammonds quickly become part of the “core group” of families who live at the camp full time. Iris is distraught at leaving her friends and “normal” life behind, but Tilly seems to maybe, finally, be improving in their new environment. Soon, though, cracks appear in Scott’s calm demeanor; he is intense, bordering on fanatical. From intercepting letters from the outside world to using the children to ferret out secrets, Scott gradually tightens his control…

Parkhurst, author of the acclaimed novel The Dogs of Babel, is the mother of a son who’s on the autism spectrum, and her beautifully written, instantly absorbing novel sheds light on the incredible dedication of parents who will do anything to help their children grow to their fullest potential. We’re left to consider how quickly ordinary people can slip past “you would never get mixed up in something like that” and find themselves face-to-face with the unthinkable.

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