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Reviewed by Amelie L.

I have always been fascinated by women working as exotic dancers, intruiged by the dark mystery surrounding this world, which, from a a distance, has an aura of glamour. It can also appear, through the veil of fantasy, like a creative dream job, fun and free.

In reality, there is nothing free about it. In her book, Scars and Stilettos, Harmony Dust strips any allure off the false image, showing the world of exotic dance in all its seedy, naked truth. She does a good job of exposing the often tragic underlayer motivating most of the women who choose to work as exotic dancers. However, when I picked up Scars and Stilettos, I was looking for a good read, not preaching. It is difficult for me to tolerate proselytizing under any guise and her book was little more than Ms. Dusts’ personal pulpit.

The relationships in her life that lead her to become a dancer are not simply sad but numbingly tedious. I became impatient with her level of victimhood long before she did and so, for a large portion of her story felt myself mentally screaming at her to wake up and leave. She stays, however, and stays and stays until it is painful not only for her but for us, her readers. She remains through infidelity, unemployment and indifference. She even stays when another woman, carrying the baby of the man Harmony is so addicted to, moves in and takes over the bedroom, kicking Harmony to the sofa, all while Harmony pays the rent.

I began to feel like a voyeur to some bizarre, masochistic drama and was reminded of the definition of insanity – doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result. Enter Jesus and thank God because this level of self-loathing requires divine intervention.

[amazonify]0825463092[/amazonify]Ms. Dust proves herself eminenetly qualified to perform spiritual outreach with the women who populate this stage and I’m sure she brings compassion based on personal experience – always a powerful connection – to her mission. I put down Scars and Stilettos most intruiged by the work of her non-profit, Treasures Ministries, an outreach and support group for women in the sex industry.There’s a terrible need in our collective soul to address a business that generates 70 billion dollars a year by exploiting the low self-esteem and desperation of thousands of women. I do believe that as a culture we will never be whole or move forward as long as females can be bought and sold by males. It’s a complex and ancient issue, however, and I do not want to be told that Jesus is the way.

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